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Postpartum Hair Loss, what to do?

Remember while you were pregnant and your hair was shiny, thick and gorgeous? Then your bundle of joy made his or her debut and that beautiful hair was now on the floor, in the shower, in your hairbrush and in your hands! It's like you can't brush it enough to keep from the clumps coming out, Then you notice this wonderful thinning hairline. It's like come on, you've taken my sleep and now you have to take my hair too?

The reason for this hair loss ladies is HORMONES. See while pregnant your hormones increase the amount of hairs growing and decrease the amount of hairs resting. Making your hair fuller because you literally have more hair on your scalp. Then after giving birth your hormones are still imbalanced trying to get back to normal and hair loss is a symptom of that. And it is completely normal. On average 40-50% of women experience hair loss after child birth. Typically you don't see this right away. It takes on average 3 months before you'll notice the shedding. All those hairs that were resting have now all decided to shed at once.

In the meantime while you're waiting for your hair to grow back, go see a hair stylist you trust. Now would be a good time to change up your haircut or get a styling lesson on how to make your hair look fuller. With this one you just kind of have to let it run its coarse. But remember you are not alone. There are plenty of new moms sporting bangs they never had before because their hair is growing back in. (I was totally one of them!)

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