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Self Care, what does it look like?

I am a huge advocate for self care. It not only benefits you, but those around you as well. You know that saying "you can't pour from an empty cup"? It is so true.

Think about it, if you are rundown and only caring for others you will get to a point where you are not be able give your best or you can't give anything at all.

I am married, a mom of a 5 and 7 year old, and have my own business. I have been there. I have been drained so much so that my cup had barely a drop left to give anyone. Let me tell you how that went, not good!

I found myself not showing up the way I wanted to in my family, my business and my friendships. So I decided it was time to take care of myself and recharge.

Self care looks different for everyone and it should! We are not all created equal. You may need a bath to fill up your cup or a latte and a good book or maybe a weekend getaway. Whatever self care looks like to you and makes you full again, do it!

For me its a detox bath once a week, a daily meditation, my celery juice in the morning and sunshine. Lately I have found myself choosing to be outside in the sunshine as much as possible. Eating lunch in the backyard, tending to my garden and watching my kids play in the water.

I encourage you to take a look at what you need first then tend to those who need you next. This will allow you to pour from your "full" cup and show up fully.

Let me know what self care looks like for you? I'd love to know!

Check out this Detox Bath Recipe below if you need some inspiration.

Detox Bath

2 C. Epsom Salt

2 C. Sea Salt

2 C. Baking Soda

5 Tbsp. Ground Ginger

1 C. Apple Cider Vinegar

2-3 Drops Essential Oil

Mix together Salts, Baking Soda and Ginger in an air tight container.

Run your bath as warm as you can stand.

Pour 1 C. salt mixture in bath then 1 C. Apple Cider Vinegar into bath.

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. (I like Lavender)

Soak in the bath for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils? Click the link

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