Permanent Makeup

Are you eligible to have Permanent Makeup?

  • Cannot be pregnant or nursing

  • Must be over the age of 18

  • Lasers or Peels: wait 1 month or longer before any tattooing can be done, depending on how strong

  • Botox: Must wait at least 2 weeks until any tattooing can be done. Wait 2 weeks after tattooing to get Botox.

  • Facials: Must wait 2 weeks before any tattooing and 2 weeks after tattooing. 

  • Lash Extensions: (eyeliners only) Must remove lash extensions 2 weeks before tattooing. Must wait 3 weeks after tattooing for extensions.

  • Lash Growth Serum: Must be off eyelash serum 6 weeks before tattooing. Must wait 6 weeks after tattooing to use serum.

  • Sunburn: Cannot tattoo anyone with a sunburn 

  • Accutane: Must be off for 1 full year before tattooing

  • Blood Thinners: Check with your doctor

  • Retin-A, Glycolic, lactic, and retinoid: Contains acids which will fade your PMU pre-maturely. The area will bleed, and pigment will not heal properly.

  • Mitral Valve Prolapse: If your Doctor or Dentist prescribe you pre-medications before dental work or invasive procedures, you will need to consult your Doctor on pre-medicating before tattooing.

  • Chemotherapy, Radiation, or Lupus: Not a candidate for permanent makeup

  • Anti-biotics: Must be off for 14 days before permanent makeup procedure

  • Diabetic: Must have clearance from your Doctor

Healing Agenda

Want to know about the healing process? Click here.

How to care for your new Permanent Makeup

Download your permanent makeup after care instructions here.

Permanent Makeup Price List


Microblading                          $450

Microblading + Shading       $550

Powder Brow                         $450

Upper Eyeliner                      $350

Lower Eyeliner                      $300

Upper & Lower Eyeliner      $550